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PPAN Intro – Pharmacy Patient Advocacy Network


Dec 2014


Welcome to PPAN, Your Newest Pharmacy Resource

In today’s day and age, it has become more difficult to keep track of all the new changes with the medical world. Bills start to pile up, Doctor visits become more frequent, and pills have become more of a meal rather than a small part of your day. Here at Pharmacy Patient Advocacy Network (PPAN) we provide you with information, education, advocacy, and legal advice to pharmacy patients including areas of health insurance claims, health and disability insurance, educational equity, and employment issues.

Addressing Concerns and Educating Patients

In addition, our group strives to protect and promote the concerns of pharmacy patients in public policy primarily through education of healthcare professionals as well as the patients themselves. As a means of educating pharmacy patients to become their own advocates, we offer programs such as healthcare provider information, coaching and counseling programs, co-pay assistance programs, and practical, legal and emotional help seminars to help support you through any uncertainty that you come across.

Here at PPAN, we provide the knowledge and know how to put you back in control and handle your affairs as you see fit.

You can visit us on Facebook and become apart of the PPAN family. There, we provide you with another outlet to interact with us directly. Come like our page and post about your experiences and interact with others. Life is hard enough; we all need a little help. Let us help you.

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