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Considerations When Using an Elderly Home Care Service

Consider What Services are Needed When Choosing Elderly Home Care


Apr 2015


As your loved ones age, it might become necessary to begin providing them with a bit more care than they once needed. This could range from just helping them balance their bills all the way to physical issues like bathing and cooking. These are the people who likely took care of you when you were young, and the sad reality of growing older is that there is a good chance the roles will reverse at some point.

While you’ll want to provide your loved one with as much attention and care as you can, the simple fact is that it can become much more than you can handle on your own. After all, you probably have lots of other responsibilities – kids of your own, your job, and more. Simply put, this can be one of the most difficult processes you face, and it can challenge you physically, emotionally, and mentally.

As a result, finding elderly home care services is worth doing. Instead of having to send your loved one to a nursing home, they can remain in their home at all times and simply have a care provider visit periodically to give them the care that they need.

Of course, you still have to choose the right elderly home care service and know how to get the most from them. As a result, remembering a few key points is important. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind.

Is Home Care the Best Option?

First and foremost, you need to make sure that elderly home care is the right option for your loved ones. A lot of different things need to be considered here. While your loved one will most likely want to remain in their home, it’s important to think about things like their social interaction, accessibility to their home, and the overall costs. Home care might be preferred, but sometimes the situation means that it’s not really the best.

What is Needed?

Another thing to keep in mind is that different situations call for different care needs. While you might only be focusing on having someone sit with your loved one and help them to and from the bathroom safely, the reality is that a lot of other things can come up. Look at the big picture and think about what’s really needed. Potential assistance options from care services include:

  • Laundry
  • Medication administration
  • Cleaning and light housework
  • Setting a budget
  • Paying bills
  • Showering or bathing
  • Help moving
  • Social interaction
  • And more

As a result, it is important that you think about what you’re really looking for so you can then look for the right caregiver for the job.

Find the Caregiver That Provides What You Need

Once you have a clear understanding of what kind of services your loved one really needs, the next step will be to find the caregiver that provides those services. There are two main options here – a caregiver or a nurse.

  • Caregiver – Caregivers are specially trained, but they aren’t there to do involved medical treatments. Instead, they help your loved one with daily routines – cooking, cleaning, and so on. If your loved one has no major medical issues but just needs a little help here and there, a caregiver will be the right option.
  • Nurse – A nurse, on the other hand, is a medical professional. These are the people who will provide medical care to patients in their homes, complete injections, run minor exams, and much more. If your loved one is bedridden or just has special medical issues that need attention regularly, they are the ones you’ll need to turn to.

Search Smart

The search for a good caregiver shouldn’t be something that is over in twenty minutes. Instead, you need to do research into different care provider services. Look at their reputation, find out more about what others think about them, and learn more about exactly what it is that they provide. And don’t feel like you can’t interview the person or people who are going to be providing care. You should talk to them and let your loved one talk to them as well to make sure you’re both comfortable with this person. They’ll be becoming a big part of your lives, and knowing that you can trust them is important for your peace of mind.

Give Your Loved One a Sense of Control Over the Situation

Talk With Your Loved One

Throughout every stage of the process, it’s important to talk to your loved one about what is going on and what kind of care service they need. They may seem frail, but they are still a person and it’s important that you take their feelings into consideration – they’re the ones who will be spending time with this person. It’s a natural reaction for them to reject inviting a stranger in their house, but this is something you need to move past with them.

As they begin receiving visits from the caregiver, be sure to talk to your loved one about their experiences. If they simply don’t like the person who is providing the care, it might be worth switching to a different caregiver. But don’t rush into that, and remember that your loved one could be resistant to anyone at first. You’ll need to make sure that their complaints are valid.

At any rate, the key is making sure that your loved one still feels like they have some measure of control over their life. Just making this decision for them and telling them to deal with it isn’t that compassionate at all.

Be Patient

Another thing that you need to remember is that you’ll have to be patient throughout this process. It will take time for you to adjust to leaving your loved one with someone else and it will take time for your parent to warm up to the idea as well. The transition period can be tricky, but in the end it will be well worth it and your loved one will get the care that they deserve while you are able to enjoy a bit more flexibility with your life’s schedule.

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