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Category Archives: Illness

The Decision to Enter into an Addiction Treatment Program Can Be Self-Motivated or Come from Family Intervention


Jul 2015


Choosing the Right Addiction Treatment Plan

The issue of addiction and substance abuse is becoming a rising concern across the nation.  This is not only due to the preponderance of stronger, more dangerous, and more heavily addictive drugs that are available, but is also due to socio-economic circumstances that has led to a society that is deeply helpless and hopeless ...

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Preventative Measures Can Help to Avoid the Onset of Dementia Later in Life


Jun 2015


6 Habits That Can Help Prevent Dementia Later in Life

As health care is expanding its recognition of the connection between lifestyle choices and health risks, much of the focus for services and care have also shifted to prevention and intervention in order to avoid the possible development of chronic and irreversible conditions. This is becoming highly applicable with elder ...

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Live Healthier, Read This!


Mar 2015


Tips To Living A Healthier Lifestyle

Preventive care is one of the major points for effective healthcare, as it supports the body’s natural ability to heal. This is often compromised by factors within the lifestyle that can contribute to long term risks for overall health. Some of the more common issues that arise from everyday routines can include: Obesity Stress and ...

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Feb 2015


How to Deal with Having Cancer

The diagnosis of cancer can be an overwhelming situation, regardless of the type of cancer that is present within the body.  It is fairly well recognized that even cancers which respond well to treatment still indicate that the body has a pre-disposition to the formation of malignant cells.  However, it also needs to be noted […]

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Dec 2014


Coping with Chronic Illness

Dealing with a chronic illness is much more than seeking proper treatment and working with your doctors to get your illness under control. The emotional and mental demands can be overwhelming and it’s important to remember that during this time the best thing you can do for yourself is to be totally in touch with […]

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