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Category Archives: Cancer

Knowing the Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer can Help Reduce the Likelihood of Diagnosis


May 2015


Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostate cancer is a condition that impacts nearly 20% of all men, and can occur at earlier and later stages of middle adulthood.  Although the growths that form in this gland are malignant, successful treatment for this type of cancer has a highly positive prognosis, and many patients go into full remission after a comprehensive ...

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Rare Forms of Cancer Must be Diagnosed and Treated Quickly


May 2015


7 Rare Forms of Cancer

Any form of cancer is a proliferation of malformed cells.  In cases where the cancer is benign, the improperly replicating cells attend to be contained to specific areas, and have not broken off to spread through the bloodstream.  In malignant cancers, the growth is so uncontrolled that actually impact the DNA replication in ...

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Communicating with your Family about Having Cancer can Help Build Emotional Support


Apr 2015


How to Talk to Your Family about Having Cancer

Receiving the diagnosis of any type of cancer can generate a deep emotional response in both patients and family members.  This can also lead to a number of responses to the news, including feelings of lack of control.  For this reason, discussing the diagnosis and treatment plan with the family can also result in a […]

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